Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Meet Morris

The VW CAMPERVAN - possibly the coolest Wedding Car ever.

There are few things which get a groom excited about a wedding. As a breed, the men folk are rarely interested by talk of flowers, aisle runners, or even wedding cake. But mention Wedding Cars, and their eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning. 

As with everything Wedding related, there are about a million choices when it comes to wedding cars. But for the truly retro at heart; for those festival gowers and outdoorsy types - the VW Campervan is a strong contender for the coolest Wedding Car ever. 

Meet Morris.

Morris is an original 1958 split screen VW Campervan. His beautiful exterior, painted in a soft ivory, is complemented perfectly by the luxurious wedding interior (complete with Champagne cooler!) and has ample leg room for those A-Line and Princess wedding dresses. Able to carry up to 7 passengers, this can serve as both transport for the bride and 'maids on the way to the venue, and an intimate carriage for the Newlyweds afterwards. All from just £375!

You can hire Morris, and take a look at his Campervan friends, at Pear Tree Weddings, where they have a total of 6 rides to choose from.