Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Retro Wedding - Milkshake Stationery Suite

If there is one thing which is definitively 1950's, it's Pink Milkshake and Diners. There is something innocent about sharing a milkshake, something which now only belongs in a bigone era. Unless you want to reinvent the notion at your Wedding. And now you can!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

FREEBIE: Hallowe'en Candy Box Template

I love autumn, its my favourite time of year. It's when all my favourite Holidays occur, and in a little over a week it will be Hallowe'en...

So here is a little freebie for you all - a Printable Template for Hallowe'en Candy boxes. The template is scaled to A4 szie and will print two boxes per page. Look great filled with Jelly Worms!

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Festive Printables

It won't be long now before we're decking the halls and mulling our wines, and those of us who love the homemade elements of the festive season will begin making our Chutneys and Pickles for gifts. I shall be making both this year, along with the normal Christmas Cake - all of which need time to mature before handing them out amongst Friends and Family.

Before I nip out to get supplies, I thought I'd share with you my new Festive Printables available to buy from my Etsy shop...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Spring Wedding - a window box of colour

 I myself am currently planning a spring wedding and the Beauty of Spring, to me, lies in the colour. The budding life which flourishes in March, April and May is stunning - a fresh palette of green grass, yellow daff and an assortment of vibrant tulips.

Its easy to take inspiration from nature in design. Yet my latest design takes its inspiration from something a little more conformist: a centrepiece which has been making the rounds on pinterest. Its regimental, but fighting to be free. I've used a similar approach in my new Wedding Suite - the floral motifs offer the freedom of a garden in bloom whilst maintaining the uniformed colourway of a modern bridal bouquet.

I hope you like it.