Thursday, 4 December 2014

Colour Palette: Duck Egg Blue, Gold Trim and Pale Pink

This Handkerchied is one of my new 2015 designs, and is a modern take on a vintage theme. Duck egg is one of my most favourite colours, and compliments a vintage theme so well. Combine with soft pink and gold trim, a really elegant scheme is created.

Vintage china plates with modern bridesmaid dresses, heavily detailed bridal gown for the Bride, with pale suits and ties for the Gents.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Colour Palette: Rockabilly Black, Red and Powder Blue

Rockabilly style is one of my favourites and I love the way it can be expressed in Weddings. My Black and Red polka dot invitation, which features a CD style insert with wedding details on, is one of my more popular designs. Though many have opted for the Red as shown, I have had several other colour combination requests too.

I love how a powder blue compliments the stong red and black, and think it softens the rockabilly vibe without toning down the overall effect. Picking out key pieces in the powder blue - such as the sash on this bridal gown, and the icing on this cake, is how I would look to create this style, making it more suitable for spring or summer weddings than just Red and Black together.