Friday, 13 June 2014

Ceremony Decoration

Decorating your Ceremony venue can be tricky to envisage, but in actual fact, it can be quite a simple exercise. The key is simple statements and repetition. The elements to consider are the Entrance, the Aisle, and the Alter. All three of these will be key points for your guests.


The Entrance is the perfect time for a touch of detail - display your programs / fans easily at the entrance - practical and a great opportunity to drive home your theme or colours, so that visually everything works smoothly together. Signage can be a great way to add a little character and personality too.


Simplicity and Symetry work best when it comes to Aisle Decoration. Small floral arrangements can make a big impact when done is repetition, and hints of colour in ribbon or petals can nicely line your walkway.


I'm not a huge fan of placing a lot of decoration at the alter. I personally prefer a large window which frames a view, or for an outdoor wedding, a perfect vista.