Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fox & Brie

When I design a new invitation, I often begin by creating a couple and picturing their imaginary Wedding. Without realizing it, I often pick out quite a few things which will work in their imaginary nuptials and find myself daydreaming about some fabulous wedding which is actually never going to happen. Because I made it all up. Consequently, I've found quite a few suppliers whose items sort of coordinate with my invitation designs or themes. So I have decided to run a little showcase of them here on the Blog...

First up is Fox and Brie
Established in 2010, and inspired by traditional American craftmanship - their style is what we would refer to as "Heritage" in the UK. I adore lots this store has to offer, and find their selection of colours and fabrics ideal for outdoor, mountain or woodland weddings. (I found them when working on my original Mountain Invitation design) Here are my favourite finds:

The hankies are lush - earthy tones, traditional fabric blends, which really invoke that feeling of quality. I also love their selection of neckties - may have to get this lovely little charcoal one for the Husband - I'm sure he's just dreaming of getting a tie for his next birthday.