Sunday, 8 June 2014

Let's talk Envelopes

For something which is basically packaging and will be torn open within minutes of receiving, it is surprising how much emphasis is placed on Envelopes when talking about Wedding Invitations. Colour, texture, peel and seal, V flap, Printed, Lined, Hand Calligraphy, Return Address stamps... the list goes on and on. Who knew there was so many choices? And you thought picking your Invitation design and wording was the hard part...

A1 and A7 Envelopes by Paper & Parcel

White is, and always will be, the most popular choice for wedding envelopes. Simple, Elegant. 
But be sure to choose a nice thickness and texture, to avoid making your invitations (ergo, your Wedding) look cheap before your Guest has even laid eyes on the actual Invite. "Laid", "Linen" and "Hammered" are the most popular terms, and as long as the thickness is 100gsm or above, you can ensure that it will have a nice, quality feel.

For those looking to make a real statement, a coloured envelope will be the more popular choice. A nice bright Yellow envelope amoungst an otherwise drab and boring selection of mail will have your guests reaching for your Invite first, rather than rooting through bills and statements before finally getting to yours.


5x7 inches is the most common size for invitations, but 5x5 inches is also becoming more commonplace. The most diffucult item to think about, however, is the RSVP. 3.5x5 inches is the accepted RSVP size Stateside, and it balances perfectly with a 5x7 Invite, but the envelopes are an absolute nightmare to find in the UK. American A1 envelopes, which sit somewhere between our size C6 and C7, are very expensive to import, but white Laid versions can be bought for around £20 for 100. 


Printable Envelope Liners from HelloCheerio
Lining your envelope is another way to glam up your invite and is most effective if your invitation is nice and simple. a POP of bright colour, pattern, or even glitter, can make your invitation that little bit more impressive.


Hand Lettered Envelopes by EM Norman Calligraphy
If you're planning on sending in excess of 30 Invites, you may want to consider printing the addresses or asking your stationer to include this in your order. Seriously worth considering if your handwriting isn't the best. This can be printed, or even Hand Calligraphered.


Custom Return Address Stamp by ForYoo
Finally, something which your should not forget to include is your Return Address. This will both ensure that the invite will make it's way back to you if undelivered, and will provide a useful address for your guests when considering the RSVP. There are some fab stamps available out there - or again, you can ask for this to be considered in your Stationery package.

Will your envelopes be making a statement on your Guests' doormat? My Advice is to pick one statement and make it stong!