Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Getting Groomed: Bow Tie Blues

The Groom is often overlooked in the grand scheme of a wedding. We focus on The Dress, The Cake, The Venue, and ultimately, The Bride. But a Wedding Day is for two people, and I’d like to celebrate the Groom and say that, without him, there wouldn’t be a wedding at all. So I present to you “Getting Groomed”; a series of posts for the men we love, and some wedding items which will make them feel all lovely and adored on what is their Big Day too. So lets begin...

Amanda Jo Handmade of Utah, USA

Amanda Jo Handmade makes a delicious selection of quirky and beautiful bowties. Using Cotton, Cotton Blend and even Silk, Amanda looks to use the best quality fabric and hand selects prints she feels will really stand out from the crowd.

"I put a lot of thought, time and love into every listing. All of the items I sell are designed and handmade by myself and all sewing is done in my home studio. I love my work and providing people with a handmade item. To me, the fact that a product is handmade instead of mass-produced means that it has soul and is in no way a "cookie cutter" item"
.Though she has a great selection of designs already listed on her shop, she also offers a custom service if you would prefer a different coloured pattern to those shown, though they may take a little longer to receive, it’s well worth it to get a colour match which works well with your wedding palette.

Though I absolutely adore each and every one of her bowties, I’m secretly coveting this pale blue patterned one for my husband-to-be. If you want to spoil your man for the Big Day, I highly recommend you take a look...

Vanilla R.