Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Tangerine Dream

My personal Wedding Colour Palette is maybe a little unconventional. But there is something so refreshing and inviting about Tangerine & Mint to me. Neither one is vying for the centre stage - the orange, in moderation, highlights the cool mint, which in turn showcases the vibrant orange. I think either one alone wouldn't quite do it for me - the mint would be too wishy washy (I struggled to find a better abjective, sorry) and the orange too overwhelming. But together, something beautiful happens...

All of the above items are available to purchase from Etsy stores, just click on the item name below and whoosh, you'll be taken straight to the shop selling it.

Orange Chevron Clutch Purse
Orange Striped Paper Straws
Keep Calm Bottle Top Favors
Mint Heart Wedding Cake Topper
Mint Beaded Necklace
Orange Necklace
Mint Polkadot Bowtie

And, if you so wish, you can view my complete Treasury here