Sunday, 22 July 2012

Retro Chic: the Birdcage Veil

I just adore birdcage veils and think they’re perfect for Retro style weddings where a traditional long veil just doesn’t cut the mustard. For shorted wedding dresses I think they’re just the cutest accessory and very Jackie Kennedy. Here are my favourites from some of my fellow Etsy Sellers…

BeChicAccessories has one of my particular favourites: the polka dot birdcage veil – a bargain price of just £24 ($36) for this stylish design. This Birdcage veil is made of dotted tulle with embroidered organza lace atop for an informal and playful feel.

Justforkeeps supplies a great selection of wedding accessories, of which this quirky retro polka dot veil really takes the biscuit for an amazing £26 ($40). A layer of polka dot tulle is underneath a layer of french netting with a bow formed on top from the tulle, using a silver hair comb to fasten.

TheLittleWhiteDress covers all kinds of wedding apparel and has something for every budget. This veil is made of French netting and costs a little of £14 with current exchange rates, or $22 to our American friends. Pair up with their blossom hair comb as shown in the picture for a really striking effect.

And for those who would like to add a homemade accessory to their bridal attire, why not try Ericabstudios for a make-your-own kit at just £6 (that’s only $9!)

Finally, for European Brides, you can’t go wrong with Arterabridalveil for a beautiful handmade veils from just £23… also available to view here