Friday, 9 May 2014

Lakes and Mountains

Every summer, without fail, we holidayed in the Lake District. Usually camping, always wet. That was something you could always guarantee in the Lake District: it was definitely going to rain. But in-between the overcast days, the washed out days, the days where it was a struggle to stand upright against the force of the wind, there were days where the sun shone. Days where the hills and valleys were as vibrant as a watercolour painting, and as bright and interesting as the pages of a Beatrix Potter book.

It was inevitable that I would create a design inspired by the Lake District eventually - it's one mountain vista which I am incredibly familiar with. Summoning the memory of a view I only captured after several hours of dragging my heals up a big hill, following my Mum, Dad and older Brother. I didn't appreciate the views so much then - I wanted to go pony trekking. But now, I'd happily transport myself to this spot and gaze upon the peaceful lake in the valley below, enjoying the buzz of insects and the wind in my hair. Bliss.