Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Top 5 Things you Need... to Plan a Wedding

Wedding planning is such a massive subject, it can be really overwhelming when you first get engaged and begin looking into the huge list of tasks ahead of you. So once you've returned to earth from Cloud 9 where you've been since that ring slipped onto your finger, here is our "Top 5" list of things you will need along the way.


Weddings do not grow on trees. And unless you are one half of an excessively wealthy celebrity couple, you will have a limit to the funds you are willing to spend on your big day. Budget will determine EVERTHING, from the size of your Wedding Party, the Venue, and the size of your Guest List. So get it done early and know exactly what you have available for each aspect of your day, and I guarantee the whole planning process will go much smoother here on in. Check out the Excel website for easy to download templates.

P I N T E R E S T   B O A R D S

A relatively new way to plan a wedding, and a great improvement on those expensive wedding magazines, is Pinterest, so if you're not already a Pinner, join up promptly. For those of you (like me) who find yourself easily influenced by images of other weddings you see or attend, will find it a great way to organize your thoughts/ideas and the boards (which you can keep private if you want friends and family to be surprised on the day) will be perfect for seeing how the whole day coordinates together.

E T S Y   A C C O U N T

Ok, I'm biased. But as well as my fabulous Retro Stationery, Etsy has thousands of Wedding Sellers itching to get your attention. AND, be privy to the tastemakers Martha Stewart and Weddingbelles latest finds on the site. Unique, handmade, and affordable. You won't look back.

Wedding Journal by InOrOutMedia, Etsy

G O O D   F R I E N D S

It all seems magical and wonderful at the beginning, but it is very easy to get lost along the way, and a few months in you will need  a few good friends and lots of wine. Bridesmaids, and your Maid of Honour, will need to do a little more than simply turn up on the day and look pretty, so choose carefully. You will not want to be dealing with a flaky bridesmaid who turns up late to fittings or even worse, doesn't show at all. And your Maid of Honour is responsible for organizing your Hen/Bachelorette party as well as keeping you calm on the morning of the big day, so a friend with a cool head and great organizational skills is highly recommended.

E A G E R   G R O O M

Gone is the time when it was the Bride or the Parents of the Bride who planned the wedding. Nowadays, many couples are choosing to fund their wedding and plan it themselves, and Grooms have decided they want a say too. With a whole new range of wedding wares targeted at eager Grooms from superhero boutonnieres to engraved hipflasks, you'll be surprised at how having a Groom keen to help plan your Big Day will help alleviate stress... and create a few additional personal touches.

Do you have any helpful planning advice for Brides and Grooms to be? Let us know in the comment section below!