Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Guestbook Alternatives

 Thumbprint posters are the ideal alternative to traditional Guest Books. Everyone wants to keep a record of who attended your wedding, but writers block or one too many glasses of champagne can lead to some questionable entries. And besides, after the event, most of these keepsakes end up getting dusty and forgotten in the bottom of a bureau drawer.
But Thumbprint posters are useful, and so simple, everyone can leave their mark and continue to party without the stress of leaving a thoughtful paragraph. The best part? After the Wedding, you simply get it framed and mount pride of place in your home - now that's a way to remember your Wedding Guests.

This Apple Tree poster is ideal for smaller weddings - rather than a leaf, each of your guests decorates the tree with their thumbprint fruit.

For those Mountain or Woodland Weddings, how about going alternative to the usual thumbprint tree by getting this unique guest signiture Forest poster?